About Yoga for Kids of CNY

YogaKids is an internationally acclaimed yoga program founded in 1991. The YogaKids program takes traditional yoga poses and makes them fun, understandable and accessible to children with the idea to build a lifelong love and practice in the art and science of yoga.

Marsha Wenig, founder of YogaKids International, was inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The YogaKids program treats yoga as a medium for learning using 14 “elements” – among them: anatomy, music visual art, ecology and language. These elements are designed to stimulate and teach the whole child. When children practice yoga in this way they are also learning math, reading, science, nature and so much more. 


Kids Who Practice YOGA:

  • Develop strong, limber & healthy Bodies
  • Foster creative expression, imagination
  • Increase focus, concentration and attention span
  • Cultivate self-esteem, setting patterns of success & achievement
  • Cope with life stresses more effectively
  • Learn about anatomy & physiology
  • Discover a sense of awareness & respect for themselves, for others and the
    world around them

child dressed as witch and on yoga mat